Anton Bruckner - A Documentary Biography Volume 2

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This study provides a fuller account of Bruckner’s early and middle years than has hitherto been available, and supplements the more accessible information about his years in Vienna by drawing on a rich source of material in contemporary reviews of performances of his works, comparisons between him and Brahms, and the well-documented accounts of hostility between the ‘conservative’ pro-Brahms faction (represented by Hanslick, Kalbeck and others) and the ‘progressive’ pro-Wagner and pro-Bruckner faction (represented by the Schalk brothers, Ferdinand Löwe and Hugo Wolf).


“Howie bases his scrupulously detailed account of Bruckner’s life and music on letters, documents, contemporary reviews, and other primary sources…. Howei cobbles an enormous amount of material into a flowing narrative, shedding light on the composer’s complicated early life. He dispels many myths that have plagued Bruckner scholarship over the years, especially those created by Bruckner’s disciples and early biographers…. Provides particularly important insights into the composer’s personality as articulated in letters to and from his many friends and acquaintances…. Brings out Bruckner’s insecurity and loneliness through careful examination of letters and documents from the composer’s closest confidants….the writing is excellent…. This substantial piece of scholarship is a must for collection serving upper-division undergraduates and above.” - CHOICE

“. . . a highly readable account of Bruckner’s life and times. His writing style is absolutely clear and lucid, and his command of the facts impressive. Without question, this book will be the most thorough and informative biography of the composer to appear in English to date.” – Timothy L. Jackson

“. . . a clear, factual and very well-researched biography of a major composer. Moreover, since Bruckner has not often been well served by his biographers, this work will fill a real need. . . . .The many quotations from primary sources – both correspondence and reviews – are especially valuable. Not only are all well-chosen and also finely translated (no small trick!), but they make available in English an abundance of significant information that has previously been hard to locate. . . . an important contribution to the field.” – Benjamin M. Korstvedt

Table of Contents

Volume One: From Ansfelden to Vienna
Foreword; Preface
1. The Early Years (1824-1845)
2. Bruckner at St. Florian: Apprentice Years (1845-1855)
3. Bruckner in Linz: Growing Maturity (1856-1868
4. Bruckner in Vienna: The First Ten Years (1868-1877)
0-7734-7300-9 $99.95/£59.95 356pp. 2002

Volume Two: Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph in Vienna
5. Bruckner in Vienna: The Second Ten Years (1878-1887)
6. Bruckner in Vienna: The Final Years (1888-1896)
Bibliography; Index

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