Alexander Wheelock Thayer, the Greatest Biographer of Ludwig Van Beethoven: A Study in Nineteenth-Century American Music Criticism

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A biography of Alexander Wheelock Thayer which brings new insight into his study of the life of Beethoven.


“The research about Beethoven owes alot to Alexander Wheelock Thayer and this book pays respect and honor to his works.” –Prof. Ernst Herttrich, Beethoven-Haus Archive

“This book stands as the first definitive biography of Alexander Wheelock Thayer, the most important Beethoven biographer and an American Musical scholar and critic of the nineteenth century.” – Henry J. Thayer, Assistant Historian and Genealogist Thayer Families Association

"It is surely an accomplishment for the Edwin Mellen Press to have such a title in its catalogue and to have brought about such an improvement in our Beethoven-related knowledge." -- Prof. Benedetta Saglietti, Turin

Table of Contents

Preface by Dr. Ernst Herttrich


Chapter 1 Thayer’s Birth and his Family Herttrich

Chapter 2 Thayer’s Education

Chapter 3 Thayer’s Interest in Pslamody

Chapter 4 Thayer’s First Interest in Music and in Beethoven

Chapter 5 Thayer’s Contribution to Dwight’s Journal of Music

Chapter 6 Thayer’s First Visit to Europe

Chapter 7 Thayer’s Travels in America and His Second Visit to Europe

Chapter 8 Thayer’s Period in America and His Interest in American Music

Chapter 9 Thayer’s Third Visit and Travels throughout Europe

Chapter 10 Thayer’s First Book Signor Masoni

Chapter 11 Thayer’s Consular Period in Vienna and Trieste: 1862-1882

Chapter 12 Thayer’s First Work with Beethoven Chronogisches Verzeichniss

Chapter 13 Thayer’s Ludwig van Beethoven’s Leben and Kritischer Beitag zur Beethoven Literatur

Chapter 14 Thayer’s Other Writings

Chapter 15 Thayer’s Last Years

Chapter 16 The Completion of Thayer’s Biography

Chapter 17 The Rediscovery of Thayer’s Tomb in Trieste

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