Antojitos Little Cravings

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"The author here adds to these now fabulous affirmations to life his own humor and irony and pathos, necessary for eating one’s own heart. Beltzer grew up in a Protestant missionary household in Puebla, Mexico, where a desire to convert Mexicans to Calvinism was the overriding ambition, he listened and watched and sniffed and tasted and touched another reality, that of the tragicomic Indian and Mestizo and Criollo souls his people were there to convert. . . . The time and labor of his art are Beltzer’s rapture, both glance and gaze incorporated into passionate self-invention. The poems in the first half of the work enter into communion with the foodstuffs from the Mexican table, and the poems in the second half present his balancing acts against various moments of what he calls ‘ontological verigo’, a recurring sense of high, fatal emptiness." Gordon T. Osing

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