Anti-Asian Exclusion in the United States During the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: The History Leading to the Immigration Act of 1924

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A most thorough examination of the political, cultural, economic, psychological, and racial discrimination issues, including physical violence that brought about the implementation of ignominious, unwarranted, and unprecedented state and federal exclusionary legislation against Chinese and Japanese immigrants living in California and adjoining states during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


“This book is an invaluable historical, anthropological, sociological, political and legal examination of the antipathy, the bureaucratic and personal angst against the Chinese and Japanese… leading up to 1924.”
-Prof. Bruce D. LeBlanc,
Black Hawk College

"A well-written, well-argued book that offers a clear, documented survey of Chinese and Japanese immigration.”
-Prof. William C. McDonald,
University of Virginia

“Herb LaPore has chosen an important story to tell…That story is well researched and well told…carefully supported and nicely presented.”
-Prof Arthur Pitz,
Augustana College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Bruce D. LeBlanc
Chapter I-The Chinese Come to America
Chapter II-The Misapplication of Utopia
Chapter III-Closing the West to the Chinese
Chapter IV-The Coming of the Japanese to America
Chapter V-The Beginning of Conflict
Chapter VI-Racial Retrenchment and the 1913 Alien Land Law
Chapter VII-World War I and Rivalry in the Pacific
Chapter VIII- An American Intellectual and Theoretical Crisis
Chapter IX-Trouble Looms on the Horizon
Chapter X- The Gathering Storm: The Immigration Act of 1924
Chapter Xi-The Perfect Storm

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