An Inside View of Student Culture at a Liberal Arts College

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A descriptive analysis of the results of a multi-method research study which utilized both qualitative and quantitative techniques to study the student culture at Saint Leo College. Describes the college student culture in detail: its mores and customs, its beliefs, values, and attitudes, its pattern of daily life, its developmental phases, and the interpersonal relationships among members of the culture. Although the methodology used in the study is common among anthropological researchers, it has rarely been used to study college students. Those taking or teaching anthropology or sociology can benefit from the description of methodology employed in the study. Also, the campus-specific data can be used to examine college policies and practices.


"I recommend this book not only for the information it provides about students at a single institution, but even more for the questions it can provoke about how we view and interpret student behavior on a more broad scale. . . . this book is not one that gives answers, but provokes more questions, I recommend it to educators, administrators and student affairs practitioners." - Frankie D. Minor

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