An Annotated Bibliography of Church Music

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Winner of the Adele Mellen Prize for Contribution to Scholarship
The purpose and scope of this bibliography is to survey the literature concerning church music, primarily in publications from 1980 to the present, while including materials that have been published and serve as primary resources earlier than that. The emphasis is on Protestant church music, largely those published in the English language. The selected lists include over 700 titles, and contain citations with annotations of reference works and bibliographies. The annotations offer an indication of the scope, content, and special features of each work. This study will fill the research and reference needs of music students, scholars, and church musicians, as well as providing research and college libraries with a reference for building their church music collections.


“This well-researched bibliography of church music comes at an opportune time, for the last such work was published in 1980…. All of those concerned with church music – librarians, scholars, and practitioners – will find in this new bibliography an invaluable resource for guiding them to relevant books and periodicals….Although focusing on church music, this bibliography also includes a rich selection of works on liturgy and worship as they relate to church music. Indeed, this is the author’s largest chapter, with some 375 entries on Music and Worship. Even though this bibliography concentrates on books, Hsieh also lists periodicals in church music, which is helpful in locating journals with articles relevant to specific topics….a treasure trove for librarians of colleges, universities, and theological seminaries offering courses in church music. They can use it as a valuable check-list for developing their collection of books and periodical literature related to church music.” – Harry Eskew, Professor Emeritus, Music History and Hymnology, Music Librarian, New Orleans Baptists Theological Seminary

“Hsieh has prepared a useful tool for students, scholars, church musicians, and librarians. Students and scholars will enjoy the historical and theoretical sections. Church musicians will welcome the discussions of their practice. Librarians will marvel at its breadth of scope and the usefulness of the annotations….The sections on cultural diversity, youth and children, and African-American church music serve as reminders that church music is not just for Anglo adults….the classification of recent hymnals by specific denominations provides a helpful guide for those who want to compare congregational music of different traditions within the Church. Perhaps rare in an annotated bibliography such as this is the section on the devotional and inspirational uses of music…..As any good, well-organized, carefully annotated bibliography should do, this work shows both the breadth and depth of this rich tradition of study and vital aspect of life.” – Dr. Robert Phillips, Assistant Director, A. Webb Roberts Library, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Introduction; Preface
1. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
2. Bibliographies: General; Hymnology; Vocal and Choral Music; Organ Music
3. Church Music History: Music History/General; Church Music History; English Church Music; American Church Music; African-American Church Music; Church Music Genres
4. Philosophy of Church Music
5. Music and Worship: General; Biblical/Theological; Historical; Liturgical/The Christian Year; Music in Worship; Worship and Church Growth; Worship and Evangelism; Worship Renewal; Contemporary Christian Music and Worship; Worship Planning and Resources; Worship and the Arts; Cultural Diversity in Worship; Children and Youth in Worship; Devotional/Inspirational
6. Music and Ministry: Music Ministry; Music and Missions; Directing Church Choirs; Song Leading
7. Hymnology: General; Historical; Congregational Hymn Singing; Hymn Stories and Devotions; Children and Hymns; Congregational Song Collections and Resources
8. Indexes
9. Periodicals: Church Music; Liturgy/Worship; Hymnology; Choral Music; Keyboard and Instrumental Music

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