Americans in Post-World War II Germany. Teachers, Tinkers, Neighbors, and Nuisances

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"Stripping away those categories of external and domestic policy which until now have created a strange and untenable bifurcation in the Federal Republic's history that has ignored the role of society and culture in shaping modern Germans, Browder has vividly illustrated the many faceted sides of the American occupation as well as its significance for Germans. . . . he is especially informative about some hidden areas such as military spending, consumerist culture, and interpersonal contact. . . . Professor Browder, who has consulted all the relevant secondary literature in English and German, documents his study principally by oral interviews with Germans who lived through the times to which he is referring, and with extensive archival research in the armed service documents centers in Germany where records different from those of the civilian command are kept." - John F. Flynn

"This astute examination of the American impact on social, economic, political, and cultural institutions in Germany after 1945 by Dewey A. Browder is a welcome addition to the literature." - Johnpeter Horst Grill

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface, Introduction

1. The Fatally Flawed Attempt at Nonfraternization

2. Fraternization Encouraged

3. A New Political Life: The Resurrection of Democracy; Detailed American Influence

4. Economic and Population Factors: Economic Overview; The People Involved; Employment of Germans; Investments Which Benefited Germans; Total Monetary Stimulation by the US Forces

5. American and the Reconstruction of Education: The Schools; Other Reeducational Programs; The American Houses; Reeducation Through the Trade Unions; An Assessment

6. Associated Reeducation Efforts in the West: French Reforms; British Reforms

7. The Rehabilitation of the Information Media: Newspapers; Radio; Books and Periodicals

8. Other Influences on the Cultural Milieu: Motion Pictures; Theater; Music; Literature; Museums; Churches; German Awareness; Changes in Society

9. American Neighbors

10. American Nuisances

11. Summary

Bibliography, Index, Tables

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