Agnostic Spirit as a Common Motif in Liberal Theology and Liberal Skepticism

Author: Woelfel, James
This collection of nine recent essays of thematically interconnected material examines varied aspects of metaphysical ignorance and uncertainty shared between liberal Christian thinkers and sympathetic critics. Essays include: The Agnostic Motif in Modern Thought and Sensibility; Victorian Agnosticism and Liberal Theology; Humane Vision -- Theological Norm and Dialogical Platform; The Future of American Religious Thought; American Feminist Theology and the American Pragmatist Tradition; William James on the Contextuality of Belief and Unbelief; Indwelling and Exile - Two Types of Religious and Secular World-Orientation; The Personal Dimension in Theological Inquiry; and On Not Worrying About "Faith" -- Christian Identification as an Empirical Reality.


". . . the best essays serve as challenges and reminders: of overlooked agendas and tasks, of the easy evasions of contemporary theology, and of failures to face candidly the implications of positions taken, all of which, I found, engender further self-reflection of the part of the reader. Several essays reveal an attractive modesty and honesty, joined with gentle yet plain-spoken reprovals." -- The Journal of Religion