Afro-Christian Religion at the Grassroots in South Africa

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This work contains the research efforts of genuine empirical research by colleagues from various parts of the African continent, especially in Southern Africa. The close association that all have with the African Independent/Indigenous churches enables them to give a clearer picture of what happens at the grassroots level of this vast movement in the Southern Africa context.


"There are two very positive and exciting outcomes of this volume. One, the analysis of AICs within the contexts of African society helps explain, in a meaningful way, the needs of African people where Western-imported Christianity has had less than positive success. Two, there are contributions that add to a much needed body of writing for understanding music and liturgy within the African context. . . . this excellent and informative volume is a welcome addition to a growing body of information about Afro-Christianity at the grassroots of a rapidly changing African context." - Missiology

Table of Contents


Acknowledgements, G.C. Oosthuizen

Opening Address, A.L. Nkabinde

Section 1: Moving between Two Integrating Worlds: Traditionalism and Afro-Christianity

Chapter 1: Snippets out of Research Experience, G.M. Setiloane

Chapter 2: The Place of Traditional Religion in Contemporary Southern Africa, G.C. Oosthuizen

Chapter 3: Outside the Cattle-kraal: Transformations in a Rural Zionist Church, H.L. Pretorius

Chapter 4: Prioress, Prophetess and "Primitive": An Anthropological Perspective, S. Steel

Chapter 5: Religious Pluralism in a Zulu Chiefdom, F.H. Boot

Chapter 6: The Deeds of Shembe as Described by His Eyewitnesses, H.J. Becken

Chapter 7: Magic and Separatist or Independent Churches, A.L. Vilakazi

Section II: Healing in a Context of Two Integrated Worldviews

Chapter 8: Music and Dance in Zionist Healing Ceremonies, K Balzer

Chapter 9: Spiritual Healing and Traditional Medicine in Botswana, O.N.O. Kealotswe

Section III: Historical Expositions and Assessments of AIC

Chapter 10: Walter Matitta Phangwa (1885-1935), M. Damane

Chapter 11: Spiritual Maturity of Matitta and Schisms, S.A. Mohono

Chapter 12: Liturgical Associations in the Nazarite Association of Lesotho, S. Nussbaum

Chapter 13: The St. Engenas Zion Christian Church, E.K. Lukhaimane

Chapter 14: Resistance or Capitulation?: A Case Study of Early Signs of Independency in the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) in Africa, J.P. Mostert

Chapter 15: Kumoa: The Kushite Movement of Africa (A New Pursuit of an Old Ideal in African Religious Movements), J.P. Mostert

Chapter 16: Some Functions of the Zionist Movement in Swaziland, R.J. Cazziol

Section IV: Scripture Use in AIC

Chapter 17: Scripture Use in AIC Hymnody: Fourteen Fields of Investigation, J.R. Krabill

Section V: Socioeconomic and Political Issues and the AIC

Chapter 18: Religion and World Outlook, P. Zulu and G.C. Oosthuizen

Chapter 19: Possible Theosophical Influences on the Rise of African Independent Churches in the Early Part of the Twentieth Century, I. Hexham



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