African Sleeping Sickness Political Ecology, Colonialism, and Control in Uganda

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A multidisciplinary analysis of the origin and spread of sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis) in man and cattle in Uganda. Uniquely based on an interplay of bio-ecology, medicine, anthropology, history, and sociopolitics. Compares and contrasts the role of communalist traditional, colonial, and postcolonial agencies in the control or eruption of trypanosomiasis.


". . . the author displays a rare scholarly and academic acumen in mastering the dynamics behind the spread of Sleeping Sickness and other dreaded diseases in Uganda. this book is highly recommended for social as well as natural scientists, students and policy makers." - Social Justice Review

"The encompassing perspective Jonathan Musere provides in his discussion of African sleeping sickness supports the growing recognition of, and the need for, understanding in terms of a 'web of causation'. . . . this is, indeed, an important book, as is its main message about the devastation of colonialism and about the importance of understanding trypanosomiasis in Uganda, or for that matter, any disease and epidemiological phenomenon in the context of a whole range of interacting socio-cultural, political, economic, and historical as well as environmental, demographic, and biomedical factors." - H.K. Heggenhougen, in Canadian Journal of African Studies

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