A Translation of Manuel Breton De Los Herreros' Muerete Y Veras (1837) / Go Ahead and Die, You'll See! : A Comedy in Four Acts

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The best translation of Manuel Bretón de los Herreros’ favorite play among his many plays brings new attention to the playwright Bretón who was once Spain’s most prolific and successful comic dramatist but for some time has been absent from the studied lists of noted playwrights of his time.


“Of all the many excellent, dramatic translations carried out by Robert G. Trimble, this is the best.”
-Prof. Thomas R. Franz,
Ohio University

“Once again Trimble treats English-speaking readers of Spanish drama to an exceptional translation of the work of a nineteenth-century playwright who deserves more recognition than he has heretofore received.”
-Prof. Mark Harping,
University of Puget Sound

“The highest praise I can give to Trimble’s translation is that I found myself simply absorbed in the work as I read it…His English translation makes the reader identify with the main characters and their problems and conflicts.”
-Prof. Stephen Miller
Texas A&M

Table of Contents

PROLOGUE by Thomas R. Franz
ACT 1 The Farewell
ACT II The Death Notice
ACT III The Funeral
ACT IV The Resurrection

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