A Translation From Ancient Greek Into English of Xenophon’s Manual on the Duties of a Cavalry Commander

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Nominated for the London Hellenic Society 2011 Criticos Prize
This text is the first translation of Xenophon’s Manual on the Duties of a Cavalry Commander in over a century.


“[The author] has performed a great service by making this often-neglected work available in a new edition, and because he has exercised such great care in both editing and translating the Greek…” – Prof. Samuel J. Huskey, University of Oklahoma

"This Greek and English edition of the Hipparchicus, Xenophon’s treatise on horsemanship, shines light on a little-read gem of Greek literature. In addition to being a source for details about military strategy and cavalry training in fourth-century Athens, the Hipparchicus provides fascinating insights into the politics, society, and daily life of Xenophon’s time. Doty’s clear and lively translation presents this work in accessible form to students and scholars alike." – Prof. Rachel Ahern Knudsen, University of Oklahoma

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