A History and Anthology of the Spanish Folktale with Studies of Selected Texts

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This ground-breaking book makes an invaluable contribution to scholarship by advancing knowledge and understanding of Spanish oral narrative and related areas of research. Added to the analysis of the Spanish folktale genre and the presentation of the history of research, this work also makes available to the English-speaking reader, for the first time, fifteen folktales that do not appear in any other collection. The result is a study that will certainly be an important point of reference and comparison for scholars of European folklore and cultural studies.


“Dr. Huw Lewis has become a new link in the storyteller’s chain. He has made it possible for these Spanish folktales to traverse the boundaries of space, time and language. Thanks to his labour of love, they may now be read and appreciated by a new group of readers in the twenty-first century.” - Dr Patricia Odber de Baubeta, Department of Hispanic Studies, The University of Birmingham

“Traditional storytelling in Spain has simply never received the kind of attention among Hispanists ... that has been lavished on the closely related genre of the Spanish ballad. ... Dr. Huw Lewis makes an intelligent and well-judged initial and well-judged foray into this area, presenting a shrewdly chosen anthology of Spanish traditional tales, diverse in regional origin, subject matter, and narrative styles. ... It is a book that will prove useful to folklorists working in other areas, as well as to Hispanists seeking a necessary extension of their competence into this field.” - Dr. Nicholas Round, Professor of Spanish, University of Sheffield

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr Patricia Odber de Baubeta
Part I: The Spanish Folktale: Context and Analysis
CHAPTER 1: The History of the Popular Tale in Spain
CHAPTER 2: Methodology
CHAPTER 3: Analysis of the Tales
art II: The Tales
CHAPTER 4: Texts and Translations

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