A HISTORY OF CZECHOSLOVAK INVOLVEMENT IN AFRICA: Studies from the Colonial through the Soviet Eras

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The first in a series of joint venture scholarly explorations into the Czech-African relationship. The monograph brings together several aspects of Czechoslovak-African relations mainly in historical perspective covering major events and views on Africa dealing with different periods and different regions of Africa and the various roles Czechs or Slovaks had in these places.


“Scholarly literature is undoubtedly scarce on former Soviet Bloc-African relations, thus, a book like the one we can hold in our hands is more than delightful to mention…it has been written by the new wave of Africanist scholars from the Czech Republic…[the authors] did a great job in launching fresh investigations into present-day Czech-Africa relations by making efforts to establish a research center in Pilsen, extending working connections with African universities, and with his co-authors offering first of all a monograph about Czechoslovak-African relations, flashing up some important periods, figures, partnerships and historic linkages that should influence any approach to revitalize cooperative efforts and opportunities today.”
-Dr. István Tarrósy,
Asst. Professor,
Dir. Dept. of Political Science and International Studies,
Africa Research Centre Centre, University of Pécs

"... is a very important and interesting contribution to the history of relations between Europe and Africa, very useful for orientalists, historians and researchers in the field of international relations. It shows that the Eastern European countries didn't exist on the margin of world affairs, but actively co-create the world history and its present times."
Rocznik Orientalistyczny “This work can be seen as part of a reassessment of a central European foreign policy about Africa or African development in the “forefront” of global aspirations. It is a worthy retrospective to assist in learning from historic ties as scholarly literature is undoubtedly scarce on former Soviet Bloc-Africa relations…This work is to be commended in its scholarly analysis and …it contributes to our global knowledge and understanding of African nations, peoples and regions.”
-Dr. Glenn Reynolds,
University of Sunderland, UK

Table of Contents

Foreword by István Tarrósy
1. Introduction
2. Czecho(Slovak)-Southern African Relations: From Adventures to Development Partnership?
3. Ethiopia in the Works of Czech Travelers in the 1920s and 1930s
4. Breaking the shackles of colonial rule in Africa?: An overview of the Czech-Soviet penetration into Africa in the early 1960s
5. Czechoslovak view on the Decolonization of Congo, ca. 1955-1965
6. Conclusion
7. List of resources
8. Index

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