Rudat, Wolfgang E. H.

Alchemy in the Sun Also Rises. Hidden Gold in Hemingway's Narrative
1992 0-7734-9579-7
This study provides an intense examination of textual details of The Sun Also Rises, specifically addressing the fact that the novel is filled with wordplay, jokes, and allusions. It also devotes space to Hemingway's concern with sexual identity, sexual crossover, and androgyny. It intends to liberate Hemingway from the "legend of himself".

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Earnest Exuberance in Chaucer's Poetics Textual Games in the Canterbury Tales
1993 0-7734-9381-6
This study provides a closer reading of Chaucer's text than has ever been done before. The emphasis is on the palimpsestic nature of Chaucer's work, providing something largely missing in Chaucer scholarship, a concern with the intertextuality between different parts of the Tales. It argues for organic unity, and attempts to settle several questions such as: the extent of sentence (i.e. morally-religiously redeeming elements) in the fabliaux of the Miller's and the Merchant's Tales; the question of the Pardoner's sexual nature; the question of anti-Semitism in the Prioress' Tale; and how Chaucer felt about the doctrines as well as the practices of the Church, especially with regard to gender issues. It also examines Chaucer's ironic use of gender-crossing and literary allusion.

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