Gluchman, Vasil

About the author: Dr. Gluchman received his PhD from The Comenius University Bratislava in Slovakia. He is currently on the Philosophical Faculty at Presov University, Slovakia. He has published many books and articles, including Slovak Lutheran Social Ethics with The Edwin Mellen Press in 1997.

Human Being and Morality in Ethics of Social Consequences
2003 0-7734-6578-2
A study on the issues concerning the moral agent and one’s moral rights. The first part deals with issues related to fundamental moral values and principles of ethics of social consequences, and makes essential differences between ethical theory as a kind of non-utilitarian consequentialism and utilitarian forms of consequentialism. Based on this difference, the study explores such moral values and principles as positive social consequences, humanity, legality, justice, responsibility, tolerance, and moral duty.

Slovak Lutheran Social Ethics
1997 0-7734-8651-8
This volume investigates the meaning and contribution of Slovak Lutheran Social Ethics to the formation of social ethical thinking in Slovakia. It is a systematic view, examining it in the social, political and spiritual context of the development of the Slovak nation, Slovakia and Czechoslovakia, linking the development of the Protestant social ethics in Europe and the world. Chapter I presents a methodological background for the understanding of problems of social ethics in general, emphasizing Slovak Lutheran Social Ethics. Chapter II presents an historical survey of the development of Lutheranism in Slovakia, and then analyzes the development of the social and ethical opinions of Slovak Lutherans from about the end of the 19th century to the end of WWII. Chapter III follows a Christian Socialist line and the Christian Realist line after WWII. Chapter IV investigates the period from 1948 to the present.