Human Being and Morality in Ethics of Social Consequences

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A study on the issues concerning the moral agent and one’s moral rights. The first part deals with issues related to fundamental moral values and principles of ethics of social consequences, and makes essential differences between ethical theory as a kind of non-utilitarian consequentialism and utilitarian forms of consequentialism. Based on this difference, the study explores such moral values and principles as positive social consequences, humanity, legality, justice, responsibility, tolerance, and moral duty.


“Gluchman is very original in his ethical thinking and he develops a very interesting ethical theory. He tries to find a middle way between extremes of utilitarian ethics on the one hand and so-called Werthetik on the other hand….very suitable for political ethics and business ethics, but it is not very useful for bioethics…a greatly significant contribution to non-utilitarian consequentialist ethics and also whole ethical theory.” – Professor Igor Kišš, Comenius University Bratislava

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. Ethics of Social Consequences – Its Starting Points
2. Person in Moral Contexts
3. Person as a Moral Agent
4. Some Theories of Morality and Moral Agent
5. Man and His Fundamental Moral Rights
6. Humanity and Human Dignity
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