Johnson, Troy R.

Dr. Johnson is the Chair of the American Indian Studies program at California State University-Long Beach. He received his Ph.D. in History from the University of California-Los Angeles.

Cherokee Settlements in East Texas and the Fredonia Revolution of 1826
2012 0-7734-1587-4
This is the first historical study of the Fredonia Revolution and its impact on Texan history. While providing an overview of the history of Texas, the book examines the relationship of the Cherokee Indians with the competing forces of Spanish, French, Mexican, and American settlers in Texas. While examining their lifestyle, inter-tribal conflicts, as well as their adaptation to the horse, Johnson provides the reader with a history of Texas from the Cherokee perspective. The book highlights the Edwards brother’s Fredonia Revolution of 1826, the Cherokee’s temporary decision to side with them, and the long-term ramifications of doing so.

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