Li, Suogui

Dr. Li is an Independent Scholar. He received his Ph.D. in Chinese Linguistics from the University of Western Sydney.

2012 0-7734-2620-5
This book aims to classify the word production of foreign-inspired Chinese terms (FICT), within the language system of modern Chinese according to principles of cognitive semantics. FICT refers to a group of vocabulary items in Chinese that are formed and motivated by foreign entities or concepts. These words are designated by some foreign words, but no established foreign elements are in fact transferred from the donor language. Cognitive semantics, the approach adopted by this book, is the study of the mind and its relationship with embodied experience and culture. The book establishes a group of terms identified as a particular category of borrowed Chinese words according to the motivation of word production, concerning human bodily perception and cognitive experience of foreign entities or concepts. These words can be categorized into five types: phonic loans, loan blends, graphic loan and FICT, based on the motivation of sound, form and meaning of foreign words, and sensory perception and cognition of foreign entities or concepts. Employing language as a key methodological tool for uncovering conceptual organization and structure in human mind and thought, the author of this book explores the methods of FICT word production, such as sensory perceptual and metaphorical production in terms of principles of cognitive semantics within the Chinese language system. The various types of borrowed Chinese words are analyzed in terms of the theory and categorization, and FICT in particular are examined within the semantic model proposed here. The hypothesis of this book is to create a new approach to the investigation of Chinese loan words and the process of FICT word production within cognitive semantics.

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Russian Words Borrowed into Modern Chinese: A Contact Lingustic Approach
2018 1-4955-0679-7
This book is based on an exhaustive analysis of 2,064 Russian terms that have been adapted from the Russian language into the modern Chinese language.

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