Privett, Ronna Coffey

About the author: Ronna Coffey Privett received her BA in Art at Lubbock Christian University and continued her education at Texas Tech University where she obtained her MA in British and American Literature and her PhD in American Literature. Dr. Privett is an assistant professor of English at Lubbock Christian University.

Comprehensive Study of American Writer Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, 1844-1911
2003 0-7734-6664-9
This study examines the novels, essays, and short stories of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps within their cultural/historical context. It examines the social climate and reform movements during Phelps’s writing career, and demonstrates how she was a woman ahead of her time in the nineteenth century. This monograph will serve as source material for anyone teaching any of Phelps’s novels, and would provide helpful contextualization for research in American reform movements, women’s rights, labor reform, the temperance movement, and the social Christianity movement.

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