Oblas, Peter B.

Peter B. Oblas is a Retired Professor of International Relations at Toyko University of Foreign Studies. He obtained his Ph.D. in Asian History from the University of Michigan.

Hugh Byas, a British Editor Who Became a Leading Expert on Japan Between the First and Second World Wars. A Biographical History of Newspaper Journalist
2009 0-7734-4660-5
The writings of Hugh Byas, journalist and japanologist, developed while he was editor of the Japan Advertiser and later as correspondent of the London Times and New York Times. His work in Japan between the World Wars, is a discourse on progressive sovereignty. Byas equated a sovereign state with one that possessed an organized government capable of modernizing the state and developing democratic institutions to empower public opinion.

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Perspectives on Race and Culture in Japanese Society: The Mass Media and Ethnicity
1995 0-7734-8986-X
This book provides the only work in English presently available that covers the main, up-to-date directions and findings on Japan's history, exploring Japanese nationalism and its expression not only in serious anthropological studies but in the popular media. Merging various related disciplines in a single work, it examines the latest archaeological excavations and recent Japanese interpretations, biology, genetics, and paleoanthropology in terms of their contribution to an understanding of racial origins. It examines the difference between Japanese and Western perspectives on human evolution and racial origins, as well as distortion in the Japanese TV media regarding news and documentary broadcasts.

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