DeGeorges, Paul Andre

Dr. DeGeorges is an ecologist, specializing in big picture policy and planning with over thirty years in Africa. Among his many accomplishments, he is a former advisor to USAID in East/Southern Africa & the Caribbean and helped establish Project Noah, training youth from rural Africa in nature conservation, Tshwane University of Technology.

Critical Evaluation of Conservation and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
2008 0-7734-5070-X
This book will serve as a historical reference, a technical document and as a basis for policy formulation. It is one of the first attempts in modern times to look at the big picture, both historically and currently, on the African sub-continent as it applies to conservation, development, human rights and foreign policy. These volumes contain twelve color photographs and fifteen black and white photographs.

Price: $699.95

Development of Taliban Factions in Afghanistan and Pakistan: A Geographical Account, February 2010
2010 0-7734-3725-8
This work pieces together an understanding of the Afghanistan War, primarily through the principle author’s knowledge and writings, secondarily through relevant books and articles by other authors. The goal is to provide a “primer” that individuals with little understanding of this region can use to educate themselves on the real issues of the War, issues that are rarely spoken about in the filtered politicized Western media. This book will be of value to young soldiers or diplomats being deployed for the first time to this region of the world.

Price: $139.95