Critical Evaluation of Conservation and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

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(set of seven books)
This book will serve as a historical reference, a technical document and as a basis for policy formulation. It is one of the first attempts in modern times to look at the big picture, both historically and currently, on the African sub-continent as it applies to conservation, development, human rights and foreign policy.
These volumes contain twelve color photographs and fifteen black and white photographs.


"This magnum opus consists of seven volumes, 14 chapters, 3241 pages with 160 tables, 53 figures and 2648 references. The authors write on a scientific basis but bring different philosophies to the reader about all the factors that have caused the current environmental mess in Africa. The references are widely drawn from a variety of sources. The core of the arguments is scientific data, and everyone should welcome the opportunity to access the Internet resources.

People who cannot go without the book are environmental consultants, government officials who are involved with establishing policies for wildlife, managers of big reserves, game ranches, foreign investors including the private sector, donors and NGOs, and the students of conservation.

This book is a dynamic experience of wildlife on the African continent, and as such it is invaluable." - International Journal of Environmental Studies

“. . . the authors conclude their magnum opus with a recapitulation of the issues and present a way forward. This way will not be easy nor are they naïve enough to think it will be, yet it is a framework that everyone should think about and consider when engaged in Africa. At its core, is the recognition that Africa belongs to its people, of whatever race, and that the wildlife and resources I dreamt of as a child requires this acceptance if they are to be conserved.” – R.J. Gutiérrez, Gordon Gullion Endowed Chair in Forest Wildlife Research, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, University of Minnesota

“This publication should be required reading for anyone interested in African natural resources and development. . . . The history chapter alone is a must as few westerners appreciate the complexity of pre-colonial and colonial impacts on the present situations.” – Eugene Decker, Emeritus Professor, Colorado State University

“. . . should be of interest to those working in academia, conservation, foreign aid and the NGO fraternity.” – Robert K. Hitchcock, Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University

"Targeting the central truth that poverty has a negative impact on wildlife conservation and utilizing frequent comparative studies with other areas, the authors discuss current models of trade and subsidies, arguing for the critical importance of a well-governed business climate. The final volume contains their road map for the future." - Book News Inc.

Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of Embedded Figures
List of Color Photo Figures
List of Black & White Photo Figures
Foreword by R.J. Gutiérrez

Book I (Chapters 1-4)
Chapter 1 Pre-Colonial Sub-Saharan African Civilizations and Co-Evolution with Wildlife
Chapter 2 Traditional Natural Resource Management in Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 3 Colonialism and the Imposition of Western Wildlife Management Systems
Chapter 4 Imperialism, Independence and Freshwater Fisheries in Sub-Saharan Africa

Book II (Chapters 5-6)
Chapter 5
Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Since Colonialization
Chapter 6
Habitat Degradation, Linked to Colonial/Post-Colonial Policies and Watering Points/Boreholes in Sub-Saharan Africa

Book III (Chapters 7-8)
Chapter 7
Impacts of Dams on Conservation and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 8
Mining Tropical Coastal Zones, Lessons From the Caribbean, Implications for East African Coral Reefs

Book IV (Chapters 9-10)
Chapter 9
Community-Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) Programs – The Way Forward for Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 10
Cites and the ESA, Neo-Colonial Impacts on Sub-Saharan African Conservation

Book V (Chapter 11)
Chapter 11
“Independence”, “Democracy” and Foreign Aid Dependency, Impacts on Conservation and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Book VI (Chapters 12-13)
Chapter 12
Subsidies, Free-Trade, Structural Adjustment and Debt Relief in Sub-Saharan Africa – Impacts on Resource Exploitation
Chapter 13
The Current and Future Role of the Private Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, Resources War or NEPAD?

Book VII (Chapters 14)
Chapter 14
Suggested Road Map for the Way Forward

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