Yang, Mimi Y.

Dr. Mimi Y. Yang received her PhD. in Spanish American Literature from the University of Arizona. She is Professor of Modern Languages, at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dr. Yang is trio-lingual in Spanish, Chinese and English.

Tri-cultural Personality ( Chinese, Hispanic, English): A Paradigm for Connecting Culture Differences
2014 0-7734-3513-1
A new direction in multicultural studies. This in-depth intercultural mirroring study examines the convergence of the Chinese, English, and Spanish worlds from a cultural and language perspective. The interlocking of three seemingly foreign mindsets in dealing with issues of nationalism, power, personal identity and life expectations opens a new window exposing our similarities through our intercultural connectors. The reader is taken on a new and fresh journey away from the routine stereotypical approach that relies on examining cultural diversity.

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