Richter, Michelle Y.

Michelle Y. Richter has a B.A. in Psychology and Hon. B.A. in Anthropology from McMaster University, B.S. in Criminal justice/Criminalistics from Lake Superior State University, M.S. in Criminal Justice from Eastern Kentucky State University, and a M.S.F.S. in Forensic Science from Sam Houston State University. Currently she is completing work on her Ph.D. dissertation in Criminal Justice also at Sam Houston State University. She is an instructor of Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Forensic Science at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. In addition to the forensic sciences, her research interests include victim studies, low level violence, hate crimes and the impact of media and popular culture on perceptions of criminal justice, criminology and forensics.

Pioneering Research in Forensic Science: Readings From the Primary Source Literature
2010 0-7734-4819-5
This work is the first forensic science anthology to consolidate landmark primary source documents into one volume.

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