Paulson, Michael G.

Michael G. Paulson is a professor at the University of Miami. He earned his Ph.D. in French and Spanish from Florida State University.

Critical Analysis of De La Fayette's Princesse De Cleves as a Royal Exemplary Novel Kings, Queens, and Splendor
1991 0-7734-9740-4
The present study shows that most of the so-called digressions and marginal historical figures play an integral role in the proper interpretation of La Princesse. More than mere background, these are examples for the heroine to follow or avoid. The lessons that Diane de Poitiers, Mary Stuart et al fail to master warn the Princess of the dangers of foolish behavior. Drawing on the kings and queens we show how the examples play on the heroine's (and perhaps the reader's) mind, first subconsciously, then consciously. The work also speculates through analogy and textual examples on various problems posed by the author/narrator's silences: how long did the heroine live, what is her first name, and how stable is the Valois society. The critical work draws on criticism from various methodologies and attempts to integrate them within the scope of narrative and mythic history.

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Figure of Louis XIII in Modern French Literature: From The Three Musketeers To The Fortune De France
2008 0-7734-5035-1
Examines the often negative portrayals of Louis XIII, positing that they originate from particular writers’ displeasure toward the monarchs of their own day. This book contains nine color photographs.

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The Portrayal of Anne of Austria in Modern French Literature: Spanish Infanta or Spanish Queen?
2010 0-7734-1345-6
Although many biographies and historical studies of Queen Anne exist, this work is the first to evaluate Anne of Austria as a literary figure.

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