The Portrayal of Anne of Austria in Modern French Literature: Spanish Infanta or Spanish Queen?

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Although many biographies and historical studies of Queen Anne exist, this work is the first to evaluate Anne of Austria as a literary figure.


“Paulson and Alvarez-Detrell’s work reminds us of the key importance of women in political, cultural, artistic, and literary history. Whether we read or write historiography or historical fiction, women like Anne of Austria are crucial for the story/history that we tell ourselves and our progeny.” – Prof. Maria Galli Stampino, University of Miami

Table of Contents

by Maria Galli Stampino
Chapter 1

Historical Literature
Chapter 2
Anne of Austria: A Biographical Sketch
Chapter 3
A Nineteenth-Century Visions of Anne of Austria: Vigny and Cinq-Mars
Chapter 4
Anne of Austria and Dumas’ Les Trois Mousquetaires
Chapter 5
Anne of Austria’s Gratitude and Vingt Ans après
Chapter 6
Le Vicomte de Bragelone or the Queen’s Farewell
Chapter 7
Robert Merle and La Fortune de France Series: L’Enfant-Roi
Chapter 8
Queen Anne’s Progress in Les Roses de la vie
Chapter 9
Anne Meets Buckingham: Le Lys et le pourpre
Chapter 10
Anne of Austria: Queen, Mother, and Regent
Louis XIII Then and Now

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