Clermont-Ferrand, Meredith

Dr. Meredith Clermont-Ferrand is an Associate Professor of Medieval Literature at Eastern Connecticut State University and editor of the literary journal Connecticut Review. She received her Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Massachusetts.

Anglo-Saxon Propaganda in the Bayeux Tapestry
2004 0-7734-6385-2
This study details the secret, subversive and sustaining Anglo-Saxon messages encoded in a work of art that purportedly celebrates the Norman French conquest of England. This is a pioneering perspective that no other scholar has brought to the Tapestry.

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Jean D' Angouleme Copy of the Canterbury Tales
2008 0-7734-5327-X
This study functions as a significant addition to the Chaucer variorum tradition by making available for the first time a printed copy of the tales which differs significantly from the traditional, anthologized manuscripts such as the Ellesmere and the Hengwrt. The work invites the reader to temporarily de-center “good” Chaucer manuscripts, to question the established nexus points of discussion about the tales based on these manuscripts, and to embrace the freeplay of modernity in Ps fonds anglais 39 which is an early fifteenth-century Canterbury Tales manuscript that reads like a product of a post-Caxton editorial process. Through the process of de-centering, questioning, and ultimately embracing the indeterminacy of the manuscript history of The Canterbury Tales, this book creates an entirely new experience of reading Chaucer’s unfinished masterpiece.

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