Jean D' Angouleme Copy of the Canterbury Tales

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This study functions as a significant addition to the Chaucer variorum tradition by making available for the first time a printed copy of the tales which differs significantly from the traditional, anthologized manuscripts such as the Ellesmere and the Hengwrt. The work invites the reader to temporarily de-center “good” Chaucer manuscripts, to question the established nexus points of discussion about the tales based on these manuscripts, and to embrace the freeplay of modernity in Ps fonds anglais 39 which is an early fifteenth-century Canterbury Tales manuscript that reads like a product of a post-Caxton editorial process. Through the process of de-centering, questioning, and ultimately embracing the indeterminacy of the manuscript history of The Canterbury Tales, this book creates an entirely new experience of reading Chaucer’s unfinished masterpiece.


“As Clermont-Ferrand notes, ‘our choice of manuscript for The Canterbury Tales creates our experience of The Canterbury Tales.’ Likewise, by reading other Canterbury Tales, we may enhance our subsequent experience of more familiar editions. An edition of Paris fonds anglais 39 is unlikely to replace the Riverside - yet the more versions of The Canterbury Tales to which we have access, the richer will be our understanding of this and future scholarly editions. In editing this manuscript, Clermont-Ferrand has allowed the often ignored voice of Jean d’Angoulême tell his own Canterbury Tales to a wider company, and it is to be hoped that other such editions of further manuscripts will follow.” - Paul Hardwick, Ph.D., Trinity and All Saints, University of Leeds

Table of Contents

Foreword by Paul Hardwick
Jean d’Angoulême’s Table of Contents
Poemata Gaufredi Chauceri Poetæ Angli Incipiunt Prologi in Fabulas Canterburienses (Prologue of the Canterbury Tales)
Hic in edito finiunt Prologi in Fabulas Canterburienses et Incipit Fabula militis Primo Sic (The Knight’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Militis Valde Bona et Incipit Subsequenter Prohemium Fabule Molendmarn (Prologue to the Miller’s Tale)
Explicit Prohemium Fabule Molendmarn Incipit Subsequenter Fabula (The Miller’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Molendmarn et Subsequenter Incipit Prohemium Fabule Preposite Hoc Modo (Prologue of the Reeve)
Explicit Prohemium Fabule Prepostie Et Subsequenter Incipit Fabula Euisdem (The Reeve’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Prepositi et Sesequenter Sequntur Verba Galfridi Chaucers Compilatoris Libri (The Words of Geoffrey Chaucer) Hic Incipit Prologus Fabule Servientis Ad Legem Hoc Modo (Prologue to The Man of Law’s Tale)
Explicit Prologus Fabule Servientis Ad Legem et Incipit Fabula (The Man of Laws Tale)
Explicit Fabula Servientis Ad Legem Suie Jurisperiti et Iam Incipit Prologus Fabule Clerici Oxome (Prologue of the Tale of the Clerk of Oxonford)
Explicit Prohemium Fabule Clerici Oxome et Incipt Fabula Euisdem (The Clerk of Oxonford’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Clerici Oxome and Subsequenter Incipit Prologus Fabule Uxoris De Bathe (Prologue of the Tale of the Wife of Bath)
Hic Narrat Uxor De Bathe Aliam Partem Prohemium et Fabule Sue (The rest of thePrologue and the Tale of the Wife of Bath)
Explicit Prologus Fabule Uxoris De Bathe and Consequenter Sequentur Verba Fratris Ad Uxorem (Words between the Friar and the Wife)
Hic Narrat Fabulam Suam Uxor de Bathe Hoc Modo Sequente (The Tale of the Wife of Bath)
Explicit Fabula Uxoris De Bathe and Subsequenter Incipit Prohemium Fabule Fratris Hoc Modo (Prologue to the Friar’s Tale)
Explicit Prohemium Fabule Fratris Et Consequenter Narrat Fabulam (The Friar’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Fratris et Subsequenter Incipit Prohemium Fabule Apparitoris Hoc Modo Sequente (Prologue to the Summoner’s Tale)
Explicit Prohemium Fabule Apparitoris et Subsequenter Incipit Fabule Euisdem Hoc Modo Sequente (The Tale of the Summoner)
Explicit Fabula Apparitoris et Subsequenter Incipit Prohemium Fabule Mercatoris Hoc Modo Sequente (Prologue to the Merchant’s Tale)
Explicit Prologus Fabule Mercatoris et Subsequenter Narrat Fabulam Suam Hoc Modo Sequente (The Merchant’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Mercatoris et Subsequenter Incipit Prohemium Fabule Armigeri Hoc Modo Sequente (Prologue to the Squire’s Tale)
Explicit Prohemium Fabule Armigeri et Subsequenter Narrat Fabula Suam Hoc Modo Sequente (The Squire’s Tale)
Fabule Francolam Hoc Modo Subsequente Commendando Armigerum (The Prologue of Franklin)
Explicit Prohemium Fabula Francolam et Subseqent Narrat Fabula (The Franklin’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Francolam et Subsequenter Narrat Fabulam Suam Doctor Phisice Hoc Mdo Sequente (Tale of the Doctor of Physic)
Explicit Fabula Doctoris Phisice et Subsequenter Incipit Prohemium Fabule Perdonary Hoc Modo Sequente (Prologue to the Pardoner’s Tale)
Explicit Prohemium et Subsequentur Incipit Fabula Perdonarum Sic (The Pardoner’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Perdonary et Subsequenter Incipit Fabula Naute Sic (The Shipman’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Naute et Subsequenter Incipit Prohemium Fabule Priorisse Hoc Modo Sequente (Prologue to the Prioress’s Tale)
Explicit Prohemium et Subsequentur Incipit Fabula Hoc Modo (The Prioress’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Priorisse Momalium et Subsequenter Sequintur Verba Hospitis Ad Chauncers (The Words Between the Host and Chaucer)
Hic Narrat Fabula Suam Chauncers De Quodam Milite Thopas (The Tale of Sir Thopas)
Verba Hospitis Ad Chauncers (Words from the Host to Chaucer)
Hic Narrat Fabulam Suam Galfridus Chaunceris De Quodam Juvene Vocato Mellebeus (Tale of a Youth called Melibee)
Hic Incipit Fabula Monachi (The Monk’s Tale)
Verba Militis Ad Monachum Sic (Words between the Knight and the Monk)
Consequent Incipit Fabula Presbiter (The Priest’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Presbiteri at Iam Incipit [Incipit] Fabula Momlis et Cetera (The Tale of the Nun)
Et Iam Incipit Fabula Servientis Canonici et Primo De Prologo Fabule Hoc Modo Dicendum Est (The Prologue of the Tale of the Canon’s Servant)
Explicit Prologus Fabule Servientus Canonici et Subsequentur Incipit Fabula Euisdem Hoc Modo Sequente (The Canon’s Servant’s Tale)
Explicit Fabula Servientis Canonici et Subsequenter Incipit Fabula Mancipi et Primo De Prohemo Fabule Dicendum Est Hoc Modo (The Prologue of the Manciple’s Tale)
Explicit Prohemium Fabule Subsequent Narrat Fabulam (The Manciple’s Tale)
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