Morris, Matthew W.

Matthew W. Morris received his Ph.D. in Romance Languages from the University of Georgia. He is currently Associate Professor of Humanities at Oxford College of Emory University, Georgia.

Bilingual Edition of Couldrette’s Melusine - Le Roman de Parthenay
2003 0-7734-6723-8

Price: $319.95

Bilingual Edition of Jean D'arras's Mélusine or L’histoire De Lusignan
2007 0-7734-5274-5
This book offers the first Modern English translation of Jean d’Arras’s Middle French prose romance Le roman de Mélusine or La noble histoire de Lusignan. The Middle French text is based on three manuscripts in Paris’s archives: Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal MS 3353, Bibliothèque Nationale MS 1482, and Bibliothèque Nationale MS 1485. An introduction offers background information that sheds light on the work’s historical, political and aesthetic significance.

Price: $399.95

Critical Edition of Couldrette’s MÉlusine or Le Roman De Parthenay
2003 0-7734-6721-1
The legend of Mélusine is one of the most captivating tales in French cultural history. Its myriad ramifications have not only affected the political history of Western Europe and the Near East of the Middle Ages, but have also provided a window of understanding for human events and motivations harking back as far as pre-Roman times. Couldrette created the medieval poetic version of Mélusine based on Jean d’Arras’s prose version, which was written at the behest of Jean De Berry. This critical edition includes a summary of the story and its creation, its historical background and sources, and textual history.

Price: $239.95

MÉlusine (roman De Parthenay Ou Roman De Lusignan)
2009 0-7734-4823-3
This edition of Mélusine by Couldrette, accompanied by a translation into Modern French, is based on manuscript BnF fr. 18623 and provides specialists and non-specialists with privileged access to an important version of the Mélusinian textual tradition. In French.

Price: $319.95