Stepelevich, Lawrence

Trumpet of the Last Judgment Against Hegel, the Atheist and Antichrist an Ultimatum
1989 0-88946-356-5
Translation of Bauer's Posaune des jüngsten Gerichts über Hegel, den Atheisten und Antichristen, an excellent example of the type of writing that characterized the radical school of Hegelianism in the late 1830s and 1840s in that it mirrors the arguments and irritable temper of both the liberal Hegelians and their conservative opponents during the period between the French Revolution of 1830 and the general revolutions of 1848. As David McClellan has noted, the Trumpet is "the locus classicus for the Young Hegelian view of Hegel, and a small masterpiece of their style of writing." As such, it is an excellent "period piece" that can enhance an appreciation of the Hegelian involvement in the theological and philosophical argumentation that characterized the German Vormärz.

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