Canatsey, Kenneth

About the author: After graduating from UCSB with a BA in English, the author traveled in Europe, living on the island of Ibiza, Spain, working on an Israeli kibbutz, and teaching English as a second language in Greece and Nepal. Returning to California, he worked at a number of jobs, studied to become a registered nurse, and now cares for veterans at a hospital in Los Angeles. He previous books of poetry, Blessed by the Anawim (2002) and The Daimon Call (1999), were published by Mellen Poetry Press. Non-fiction articles have appeared in professional journals such as Issues in Mental Health Nursing and Journal of Psychosocial Nursing.

Bilingual Edition of Poems by St. John of the Cross
2003 0-7734-6574-X
Facing page translations of the great sixteenth-century Spanish mystic St. John of the Cross. The preface and introduction contain biographical material and contextual information. The volume also includes poems attributed to St. John of the Cross, but questioned by many critics, many of them translated here into English for the first time.

Price: $139.95

Blessed Be the Anawim Poems
2002 0-7734-3445-3
These poems are, for the most part, meditations on Christ, on the oneness of his human and heavenly natures, and his compassion for those most marginalized by society. Anawim means the poor, the humble, or poor in spirit, in Hebrew. Although utilizing contemporary verse forms, they harken back in theme and sensibility to the Metaphysical Poets, such as Henry Vaughn and Francis Thompson.

Price: $39.95

Daimon Call. A Travel Journal in Verse & Other Poems
1999 0-7734-3126-8
Poems reflecting on the outward journey and encounter of distant places, mirrored by an inward search for personal meaning which is happening in the course of experience.

Price: $39.95