Bilingual Edition of Poems by St. John of the Cross

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Facing page translations of the great sixteenth-century Spanish mystic St. John of the Cross. The preface and introduction contain biographical material and contextual information. The volume also includes poems attributed to St. John of the Cross, but questioned by many critics, many of them translated here into English for the first time.


“Kenneth Canatsey has produced a bilingual collection of the poetry of one of the greatest lyric poets of the Spanish language….Canatsey has preserved the essential elements of the poet’s longing for God and the description of union with the divine essence as developed in his poetry. He has also transferred the beautiful metaphors, the astounding images and symbols, as well as the graceful cadences of Spanish poetry into English that is not only faithful to the original, but is in its own right sublime yet easy to read poetry.” – Dr. Angelo DiSalvo, Indiana State University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface by Dr. Angelo DiSalvo
• The Spiritual Canticle
• The Dark Night
• Mystical Songs
• “Super Flumina Babylonis”
• Ballads and Comments on the Divine
• Christmas Carols and Apothegms
• Poems Attributed to St. John of the Cross

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