Hendrix, John

About the author: John Hendrix received his PhD in Architecture from Cornell University. He is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Art and Architectural History at Roger Williams University. He has written many articles and conference papers.

Neoplatonism and the Arts
2002 0-7734-6985-0
This collection of essays explores the scope of the important relationships between the philosophical system of Neoplatonism and the arts in Italy. It was a pervasive way of thinking from 300 A. D. to 1700 A. D., and while antithetical to Christianity in the beginning, its ideas were quickly adopted by Christian theology, and Neoplatonism became a philosophical tool of the Catholic Church. The art and architecture produced in the service of the church is infused with Neoplatonic ideas. Part one of this study addresses cosmological and theoretical notions on Platonism and Neoplatonism. Part two focuses on the spiritual impact of Neoplatonism in Christian imagery depicted in paintings and manifested in religious structures. Part three probes the assimilation of Neoplatonic allegories in art, literature, and music. With illustrations.

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Relation Between Architectural Forms and Philosophical Structures in the Work of Francesco Borromini in Seventeenth-Century Rome
2002 0-7734-6995-8

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