Butler, John

John Butler held ecumenical positions in Ministry in Higher Education at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1968), Boise State, Washington State, and Texas Christian University (1979-2004). His academic degrees include B.A., University of Tulsa; M.Div., Texas Christian University; M.S., Washington State University.

Biography of Richard Cromwell, 1626-1712, the Second Protector
1994 0-7734-9417-0
Using available primary sources such as Richard Cromwell's letters, this volume presents a fuller and more interesting portrait of Cromwell than has hitherto been available, useful to both the historian and the general reader with interest in the period.

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Promoting Inclusion in Higher Education. The Challenge for Universities in the 21st Century
2008 0-7734-4868-3
Inclusion, equity and diversity are issues on which descriptions, and actions, vary a great deal. The varying descriptions commonly over simplify the scope and importance of these issues. This is especially true on our college and university campuses. These descriptions inform the work to be done and help to determine expectations for those responsible.

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