Ansari, Humayun

Dr Humayun Ansari is professor of the History of islam and Cultural Diversity, Department of History, and Director of the Centre for Minortiy Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Aspects of Terrorism and Martyrdom: Dying for Good, Dying for God
2013 0-7734-4341-X
The first collection of its kind to provide a comprehensive investigation of terrorism, suicide terrorism and martyrdom in an empirical study that spans continents and cultures from Northern Ireland to Tokyo, Japan, the Middle East, the UK, America, Israel and elsewhere throughout the world.

This is a collection of empirical and theoretical studies dealing with terrorism, peace-making, peace keeping and post-traumatic treatment of those injured by violence through acts of terrorism and martyrdom.

The research is world-wide in scope and multidisciplinary in content and focus. It illustrates that the combination of religion, politics and terrorism is not a new phenomenon and it is not confined to the Muslim world. The book goes to the heart of these issues, in particular focusing on the religious aspect of these questions, which is epitomized in the woeful lack of understanding in western society regarding Islam and the Islamic world.

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