Pietersen, Herman J.

Professor Herman Johan Pietersen obtained his Doctorate at the University of the Orange Free State, South Africa. He is an experienced academic with more than eighty scholarly publications and papers in a number of fields, including: philosophy, theology, sociology, psychology, jurisprudence, business and human resource management.He teaches at the University of Limpopo. South Africa. Dr. Pietersen is a member of the International Society for Philosophers.

Four Archetypal Orientations of the Mind: Foundational, Experiential, Organizational, and Actional
2014 0-7734-4314-2
The first application of the theory embracing an integration of the metaphysical with empirical science allowing for an examination of archetypal orientations, that provide meaningful comparisons and profiling for a range of topics and scholarly endeavors, in one book. This work examines and reflects upon the meta-theoretical and cross-disciplinary nature of this approach. It represents a follow-up on the author’s first volume “The Four Types of Knowing – Metaphysical, Scientific, Narrative and Pragmatic: A Meta-Epistemology of Mind”.

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Four Types of Knowing: Metaphysical, Scientific, Narrative, and Pragmatic. A Meta-Epistemology of Mind
2011 0-7734-1524-6
This book provides a fundamental and integrated framework of human thought, beyond the confines of any particular knowledge discipline or tradition. It serves to highlight the intellectual strengths and limitations of each modality and is therefore useful for comparative purposes.

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