Maddern, Guy

Dr. Guy Maddern is R. P. Jepson Professor of Surgery and Interim Head of the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide in South Australia. He is Director of the Division of Surgery and Director of the Basil Hetzel Institute at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia. Dr. Maddern holds a Ph.D. from the University of Adelaide.

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE, MISTAKES AND MISHAPS: Essays on Medical Litigation, the Mandatory Reporting of Health Professionals and the Limits of the Law
2013 0-7734-4535-8
This book discusses several important topics. Firstly, the book analyzes the limits of tort law; the problems with Australian law on the negligent failure to disclose medical risks and the merits of no-fault compensation schemes. Then it studies the importance of the elimination of medical error and the adoption of sound and comprehensive risk management principles; apologies and open disclosure in medicine. It also discusses the relationship between expert evidence and medical malpractice litigation.

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2015 1-4955-0289-9
This is the first book in the world to be published on the topic of surgery and climate change. It is the aim of this book to present an up-to-date summary of the relevant climate science, information on the impact of climate change upon human health, and to situate the new research paradigm of surgery and climate change within this scientific framework.

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THE SURGICAL LITIGATION CRISIS: Medical Practice and Legal Reform
2010 0-7734-1407-X
The authors bring together a new legal and medical analysis of history and developments in the area of malpractice litigation. The book provides a valuable resource for doctors, lawyers and patients/consumers, especially in terms of its in-depth examination of the components of the surgical litigation crisis and legal reform.

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Why Climate Change is Creating New Catastrophic Medical Problems: The Crisis of Surgery
2018 1-4955-0646-8
In this book by Dr. Smith and Dr. Maddern, the argument of The Influence of Climate Change on the Practice of Surgery is expanded upon by placing climate change itself into the context of what Smith and others have called the "crisis of civilization". A "crisis of civilization" is a set of converging sand compounding ecological, resource and socio-political problems that constitute an existential threat to modern techno-industrial civilization. Here, surgery is used as a case study if what it is likely to happen if societies do not make the transition to ecological sustainability, and consequently undergo societal collapse.

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