Patzer, Gordon L.

Dr. Gordon L. Patzer is Dean of the Walter E. Heller College of Business Administration at Roosevelt University and Professor Emeritus from California State University. He has published numerous scholarly books and articles. During his academic career as dean, department chair and professor, Dr. Patzer has established a recognized and respected expertise concerning the physical attractiveness phenomenon.

Why Physically Attractive People are More Successful
2007 0-7734-5690-2
This book chronicles the reality about physical attractiveness that scientific research documents to be universal throughout the world. Although physical attractiveness may look skin deep as a surface aspect of appearance, looks can be deceiving. Through investigations that meet meticulous scientific methodological procedures to collect empirical data that probe beyond the surfaces, complemented by anecdotal data, researchers reveal a subterranean dimension of physical attractiveness. This book presents the pertinent theories, research data, and knowledge and documents physical attractiveness as a universal phenomenon.

Despite its universality, its pervasive potent influence and promulgation are frequently unrecognized and denied. Regardless of population size or demographics, the impact of physical attractiveness transcends times, geographical and political boundaries, and cultures, in ways positive for people whose appearance is higher in physical attractiveness and negative for people whose appearance is lower in physical attractiveness. Many dimensions define a person’s appearance, but physical attractiveness predominates in information importance in its capacity to evoke and orchestrate an interconnected many-facet reality. Although physical attractiveness is one of a few highly visible traits that people see about a persons when meeting initially, its effects and consequences are lifelong.

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