Why Physically Attractive People are More Successful

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This book chronicles the reality about physical attractiveness that scientific research documents to be universal throughout the world. Although physical attractiveness may look skin deep as a surface aspect of appearance, looks can be deceiving. Through investigations that meet meticulous scientific methodological procedures to collect empirical data that probe beyond the surfaces, complemented by anecdotal data, researchers reveal a subterranean dimension of physical attractiveness. This book presents the pertinent theories, research data, and knowledge and documents physical attractiveness as a universal phenomenon.

Despite its universality, its pervasive potent influence and promulgation are frequently unrecognized and denied. Regardless of population size or demographics, the impact of physical attractiveness transcends times, geographical and political boundaries, and cultures, in ways positive for people whose appearance is higher in physical attractiveness and negative for people whose appearance is lower in physical attractiveness. Many dimensions define a person’s appearance, but physical attractiveness predominates in information importance in its capacity to evoke and orchestrate an interconnected many-facet reality. Although physical attractiveness is one of a few highly visible traits that people see about a persons when meeting initially, its effects and consequences are lifelong.


“ ... Physical appearance conveys a wealth of implicit and explicit information about who we are or who we may be – our gender, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, personality characteristics, etc. Sometimes our appearance important accuracies, yet often it is a prototypic image that other people perceive and respond to with untested assumptions ... This book is a well-written compendium of contemporary knowledge about the personal and interpersonal implications of human physical attractiveness. The ‘beauty’ of this volume is that it leaves few stones unturned and is grounded in both theory and scientific facts ...” – (from the Foreword) Professor Thomas F. Cash, Old Dominion University

“Becoming and remaining attractive to oneself and to others has become a preoccupation of millions of people from all walks of life – young and old, male and female. Moreover, catering to or creating the desire to be attractive is an extraordinarily big business across multiple industries. Yet despite this growing fascination with physical attractiveness and the billions of dollars that are spent on it, we know precious little about this phenomenon ... This book documents how widespread this phenomenon is and the vast amount of economic resources that are devoted to physical attractiveness by individuals and by our societies …” – Kent B. Monroe, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

“ ... What is remarkable about Dr. Patzer’s work is the documentation of the pervasiveness of the physical attractiveness phenomenon ... this phenomenon ramifies into every aspect of the human condition. Dr. Patzer is not content to simply document and scientifically demonstrate the physical attractiveness phenomenon, he has the courage to offer suggestions and policy prescriptions that flow from an ingrained notion of how a just and fair society organized on democratic principles should deal with it. This book is not for the faint of heart, or those who can’t deal with the discomfort of having their closely held (if largely unexamined) beliefs challenged by evidence.” – Professor Paul Uselding, Marshall University

“This book deepens our understanding of the physical attractiveness phenomenon. Dr. Patzer’s scholarly focus on physical attractiveness, now extending over three decades, represents extraordinary insight of the pervasive impact of this underappreciated force in business and social decision-making. Given the remarkable changes in both the gender and ethnic composition of the international workforce in the expanding global economy, the relevance of Dr. Patzer’s work gains new currency.” – Dr. Constantine W. Curris, President, American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)

“Dr. Gordon Patzer is the right person at the right time to author the right book. I have a library on books concerning physical appearance, but none has captured the magnitude and importance of this subject as Dr. Patzer has done in this monumental contribution to the literature. He has dissected the subject as no one before him which makes this new work all the more valuable to academicians, the media, and the general public ... If you are fascinated with the subject of self-esteem, beauty, and physical appearance, this book has to be on the top of your list to purchase, read, and reference.” – Ronald E. Goldstein, D.D.S., Clinical Professor, Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry

“ ... Politicians, regulators, business people, teachers, doctors, parents, students – in fact, everyone – would be well advised to read this fascinating, illuminating account of the all-powerful, often hidden influences of physical attractiveness on human interactions in all phases of life. If we aspire to achieve equality and fairness among the six billion diverse people who inhabit the earth, we need to have a keener appreciation of the religious and social beliefs that impede this goal ...” – Albert M. Kligman, M.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

“Dr. Patzer’s book elegantly blends scientific research and mass media examples to tell the captivating story of the role of physical appearance in daily life. Those who study the body and physical appearance, those who work in the beauty and mass media industries, and those with an interest in these issues will find value in this fascinating book.” – Professor David B. Sarwer, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Table of Contents

Foreword; Preface; Introduction
1. Elaborate Veneer of Physical Attractiveness
2. Focused Science and Study
3. Assessing Determinants
4. Body Language
5. Face Value
6 Acquaintances
7. Love is Not Blind
8. Children
9. Tomorrow’s Vista
10. Assistance and Advocacy
Appendix – Appearance Phenomenon Institute
Glossary; Bibliography; Index

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