Sabanci, Gamze

Gamze Sabanci is an assistant professor in American Literature at Halic University, Turkey. She received her Phd from the Universtiy of Liverpool, UK. Her reserach interests lie primarily in the fields of Feminist Movement in the 19th and Early 20th century literature, Gothic fiction, inter-disciplinary possibilities in reading and minority representations in literature.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Short Stories as Social Criticism: Conflicts and Contradictions of a Nineteenth-Century Author
2010 0-7734-3761-4
This study offers an investigation of a selection of Gilman’s short stories in the light of her assertion that women do not have to give up love or work in order to succeed in life. Yet, as this study proves, the problem with this ideology is that although ‘both’ embodies two elements – love and work, there are in fact three factors operating within the equation – marriage, motherhood, and professional life.

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