Haydn, Franz Joseph

About the author: Dr. Eric B. Kinsley is an educator/performing artist living in Los Angeles. He has performed across the USA and Europe, on National Public Radio, and filmed on Bravo. He received his DMA from The Manhattan School of Music. In additional to his professional performing career, he is currently Director of Music at the Southwestern Academy, a member of the faculty at California Lutheran University, and is a member of the Pacific Classical Players and the Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra.

Franz Joseph Haydn’s Divertimento with Variations for Harpsichord Four Hands, Violin, and Violone
2001 0-7734-7471-4
This work is edited from an unusual score from the library of Count Papafava in Padua. The score is signed but not dated by ‘Giuseppe Haydn’. The work is in three movements and is scored for 2 keyboards or keyboard 4 hands; 2 violins and violone (cello). It is entitled ‘Divertimento’. The ‘Divertimento’ consists of three movements and serves as the only known source of the ‘Moderato,’ first movement and the ‘Rondo Allegro’ third movement. The second movement exists in a 1778 four hand version (Hob. XVIIa:1) entitled Il maestro e lo scolare, which is based on the well known theme from Handel’s “Harmonious Blacksmith”. This edition serves not only to meet the performer’s needs as far as possible, but to maintain the original text as well. The format of the score has been changed for visual simplification, e.g., the violone part has been moved from the bottom staff and placed below the violin parts. The Viennese practice of using soprano clefs in the right hand part of the first keyboard has been exchanged for the modern system of treble clef.

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