Jackson, Eric R.

Professor Eric R. Jackson holds a doctorate degree from the University of Cincinnati and is currently a faculty member at Northern Kentucky University, in the Department of History and Geography as well as within the Afro-American Studies program. Currently Dr. Jackson is working on a book and several articles on the educational history of African Americans in Indianapolis.

Reflections of African-American Peace Leaders
2002 0-7734-6930-3
This collection provides a text that examines the views and parameters of peace activism by both famous and little-known African-American leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Paul Robeson, E. Franklin Frazier, Gloria Richardson, Septima P. Clark, and Ella Baker. These documents, most of which are reprinted in full, outline the wide range of approaches, ideas, and philosophies various Black Americans used to generate an antiwar campaign, question the use of violence around the world, and call attention to the emergence of international racism and social intolerance during the late 19th through the 20th centuries.

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