Gordon, Edmund W.

Dr. Edmund W. Gordon is the Director of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Educating Comprehensively: Varieties of Educational Experiences
2010 0-7734-1400-2
This volume develops a better understanding of how people learn and provides more resources for reorganizing education in and out of schools. The studies in this volume offer analytical resources and immediate strategies for improving American education.

Theoretical Perspectives on Comprehensive Education: The Way Forward
2009 0-7734-4901-9
This work adds to the scholarship in the field by exploring educational processes in the broadest manner and from a variety of disciplinary orientations. At its core is the challenge it issues: what sort of research should one conduct if s/he believes the commonly held idea that education is a broader process that it is made to be when one takes schooling as a paradigmatic institution of education?