Theoretical Perspectives on Comprehensive Education: The Way Forward

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This work adds to the scholarship in the field by exploring educational processes in the broadest manner and from a variety of disciplinary orientations. At its core is the challenge it issues: what sort of research should one conduct if s/he believes the commonly held idea that education is a broader process that it is made to be when one takes schooling as a paradigmatic institution of education?

Table of Contents

Foreword to the Series
Educating Ourselves about Education – Comprehensively - Hervé Varenne
Part I: Philosophical Grounding and Disciplinary Investigations
On (Not) Defining Education – Robbie McClintock>
Beyond the Superstition of Learning – Ray McDermott
Triple Symmetry: Intelligence, Education, and Human Effectiveness – Michael Martinez
Logic Models as Tools for Studying Comprehensive Education Constructs – Madhabi Chatterji, Radhika Iyengar, and Nancy Roth
Part II: Issues in Comprehensive Education
Alternative Spaces for Education with and through Technology – Jo Anne Kleifgen and Charles Kinzer
“Bilingualing” without Schooling: The Role of Comprehensive Education – Ofelia Garcia
Science, Religion, and Education: The Study of Life – Natalie Becker, Begoña Echeverria, and Reba Page
Comprehensive Health Education and the Quest to Change Behavior – Susan Walkley
Learning with Art, Outwith the School: Stumbling upon Adami’s Lines, Inside Serra’s Sequence – John Baldacchino
Between Provision and Thriving: What is Equitable in Comprehensive Education? – Dennie Palmer Wolf
Supplements to Schooling – Edmund W. Gordon and Mariana I. Vergara

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