McMullen, E. Wallace

About the editor: Professor E. Wallace McMullen received his PhD from Columbia University. Among other places, he taught at Fairleigh Dickinson University, where the Names Institute was established. He has published several articles and book reviews, and three books.

Names New and Old - Papers of the Names Institutevolume II Revised Second Edition
2001 0-7734-7534-6
These essays tell the story of geographic, literary, personal and various other types of names. Information on names is offered chronologically from 1391 when the Vivaldi brothers navigated south of Gibralta (never to return) and ushered in the age of Portuguese discovery and the assignment of names to the West African coast, up to the present time and the ‘hip-lit’ names used in Bret Easton Ellis’s Less than Zero. There are also technical studies, such as the names of drugs in the world of street-Spanish, and the sound patterns of proper names in the English language. In addition to papers from the last seven of the Names Institute’s 25 years, this volume includes new and unpublished material. Volume One, Pubs, Place-Names and Patronymics is forthcoming from Mellen.

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