Phillips, David Lee

David Phillips received his B. A. in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin in 1969. He is an independent scholar and has been a member of Society of Biblical Literature since 1993. At the annual meeting in San Francisco in 1997, he presented the seminal paper “The Palaeo-Hebrew Tenth Commandment” to the Hebrew Bible and Textual Criticism section. A member of the Society of Papyrologists, Mr. Phillips is also interested in New Testament manuscripts, especially regarding the question of the autograph Epistles of Paul.

Hebrew-English Paleo Exodus Scripture at the End of the Second Iron Period
2004 0-7734-6315-1
Exodus lies at the foundation of Judeo-Christian culture and this book presents the original version, the earliest copy. The most important difference occurs in Chapter 20, which is twice as large as the common Masoretic version and contains the extraordinary 10th Commandment, the paragraph which enjoins “...on Mount Gerizim as I command you today. There you shall build an altar to Yahweh your God...” On the right hand page is the translation. For the first time this version is easily accessible.

The Samaritan Version of the Book of Numbers with Hebrew Viariants: A Close Textual Study
2014 0-7734-4317-7
This book provides the critical Hebrew text of Numbers circa 600BCE along with a coherent English translation that visually shows off all the autograph differences from the traditional text. The purpose of giving the lexicon form and the grammar of all variant Hebrew words, and their manuscript sources, is to allow access to everyone who wants an analysis of the Hebrew language.