Johns, David L.

Dr. David L. Johns earned his Ph.D. in Theology from Duquesne University. Dr. Johns is an Associate Professor at the Earlham School of Religion.

COLLECTED ESSAYS OF MAURICE CREASEY, 1912-2004: The Social Thought of a Quaker Thinker
2011 0-7734-1493-2
The collected essays by Maurice Creasey present his understanding of Christ, Christianity and the Church, community and fellowship, and sacrament. These essays present the Quaker view and compare them to a broader Christian tradition.

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Mysticism and Ethics in Friedrich Von Hügel
2004 0-7734-6222-8
There have been many studies on the theme of Christian mysticism; few have explored the connection between mystical experience and ethics like this work. This work will contribute to the renewed interest in Hügel himself, and also to the general theme of mysticism and ethics. This book will offer the scholarly community an opportunity to engage an enormous intellect whose work is startlingly relevant to our current theological and ethical discussions and whose significance extends well beyond the role he may have played in a brief ecclesiastical controversy at the turn of the twentieth century.

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