Lipori, Daniel

About the author: Daniel Lipori has served as Assistant Professor of bassoon, oboe, and Music History at the University of Minnesota Duluth since 1998. He is a frequent clinician/performer at many conferences throughout the country, and has performed with many orchestras in the United States. He is still an active performer in the Duluth area. He is editor of George Wenzel Ritter; “Quartets for Bassoon and Strings,” published by A-R Editions.

Researcher’s Guide to the Bassoon
2003 0-7734-6913-3
This book is a valuable tool for anyone researching the bassoon or bassoon-related topics. It includes citations for nearly every book, article, dissertation, thesis, and video dealing with the bassoon. It is divided into different sections, allowing one to easily look up available information on a particular bassoon player, composer, information on bassoon reeds, or other aspects of the instrument. There is also an alphabetical section by author included along with the category listings. The set-up of the volume is similar to that of a telephone book, with headers at the top of each page, allowing one to readily browse through and find the needed information quickly.