Reynolds, Blair

Descartes' Principles of Philosophy
1990 0-88946-308-5
This translation of 327 articles omitted by the Haldane and Ross edition (taken from the Latin Principia Philosophiae) is based upon Les Principes Philosophie, published by Henri Le Grade, Paris, 1647.

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Guillaume Farel an Introduction to His Theology
1991 0-88946-592-4
This translation of Henri Heyer's thesis for his licensure, originally written in 1872, takes issue with the pervasive interpretation that Farel was a zealot rather than a theologian. On the basis of largely unpublished sources, Heyer provides a critique of Farel's theological development both before and after his encounter with Calvin, arguing that he was a systematic thinker who did in fact provide well-articulated doctrines of the Trinity, baptism, predestination, and Communion.

Price: $139.95

Relationship of Calvin to Process Theology as Seen Through His Sermons
1993 0-7734-9355-7
This book is intended to be a treat for those familiar only with the very formal Calvin of puritanical dogma. Exploring his sermons on Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Micah, the book rediscovers the humanity of Calvin. Key parallels are then drawn between Calvin and process theology. These sermons introduce us to Calvin's neglected aesthetic orientation, where the focus is upon a God and cosmos mutually intertwined and ever evolving into higher forms of beauty.

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Sermons on Jeremiah by Jean Calvin
1990 0-88946-835-4

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Sermons on Micah by Jean Calvin
1990 0-88946-839-7
A translation from Sermons sur le Livre de Michée. Covers 28 sermons delivered by Calvin in Geneva from Wednesday, November 12, 1550, through the New Year (which began on December 25 in Calvin's Geneva), to Saturday, January 10, 1551 (excepting Sundays).

Price: $279.95